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Welcome to DoggyMinders.com

Doggyminders is a worldwide community of dog owners, dog minders, dog service providers and animal lovers. Our mission is to build a dog loving, doggy minding community, and have a positive influence on communities and the welfare of dogs worldwide.

Dog owners, find someone to help you with dog sitting, dog minding, dog grooming and other related dog services. Dog minders, would you like to earn some extra cash caring for someone's dog in your own home while the owner takes a holiday, is temporarily incapacitated or just needs someone to care for their pet for a while?

Doggyminders can also help you find a new home for your dog, or help you discover the right breed and find a dog for your home.

You can register as a dog minder or register as dog owner or advertise as a dog service provider such as a dog groomer for as little as $1.00 per month, which gives you access to our forums, listings in our dog minding program and more. Next time you need someone to care for or mind your best friend, you can browse our listings and find someone that is right for you and your dog. You will also get access to our forums where the dog loving community meet to discuss all things dog-related. You can also ppost events to our Worldwide Event Calendar (which is free to browse even if you are not registered!).

Business owners, you can advertise your dog-related services with us, and reach a wider dog-loving audience.

Register here as a Dog Minder

Register as a Dog Minder

Would you be interested in earning some extra money by offering your Dog services to the Doggy Minders, Dog Owners?  You may offer Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, Dog Minding, Dog Washing or any other dog related services.

Maybe you just love dogs and for some reason are unable to have your own at the moment. You can help Dog Owners who don't want to send their beloved dog to B...Read More

Register here as a Dog Owner

Register as a Dog Owner

Are you a Dog Owner? Would you like to have your beautiful, precious pet looked after by caring pet owners, in their own home environment, when you go away on holidays, or just need your dog minded for any other reasons.

Then please click here to register as a Dog Owner, and our registered Dog Owners can search via

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Find a Home Connect with the perfect family!

Find your dog a new home


The Doggy Minders Community can help you find a new loving home for puppies and dogs.


Add your new litter or rescue dog to the "Find a home" page to connect with the perfect family looking for a new family member.

Please click here to find a home to find a home for your d

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Find a dogLooking for a new best friend?

Find a dog for you


Are you looking to add a beautiful puppy or dog for your family?

You can search through our data base, via Country, State and Breed for the perfect dog for your family.

There is no charge to do a search.

Just click on your Country and State and select your breed in the blue box on our home page, and you will be taken...Read more

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